Our Mission & Vision

Vision: We envision technology-driven Innovations for for sustainable communities.

Mission: To empower communities with technology-driven innovations and indigenous solutions for sustainable development.

Our Impact

  • Clean Energy
  • Conservation Agriculture and Livelihoods Sustenance
  • Resilient Communities

Our Focus

  • Impact
  • Innovation
  • Community Systems
  • Partnerships and Collaborations


Tembea Youth Centre for Sustainable Development

Tembea Youth Centre for Sustainable Development (TEMBEA) was founded in 2003, and formally got registered in 13th April 2006 as a community based development organization with the department gender and youth affairs, under the Ministry of Youth, Gender and Public Service.

In the face of a rapidly changing climate, our organization stands as a beacon of hope and proactive leadership in the fight against climate change. We recognize that the health of our planet and the well being of our communities are inextricably linked, which is why our strategy prioritizes climate-smart interventions and sustainable land use practices.

We firmly believe that the sustainable governance and management of land…

                                       Our Solutions

Clean Energy

Through our Environment, Natural Resource Management and Climate Change program, we have promoted the use of clean energy through construction of Over 120,000 energy efficient cook stoves constructed.
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In our work, we have learnt that poverty is a key contributor to environmental degradation. As such, over the past 13 years of our existence, we have established over 130,000 community members (80% women) mobilized and trained on how to acquire financial assets and generate income
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Environmental Conservation

Our environmental conservation efforts have seen us mobilize local community members to plant over 20,000 trees and established over 20 tree nurseries across the County.
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Knowledge Transfer

Education has been a major approach in the delivery of our programs in the past. Over the period that we have been in existence, we have built the capacity of local communities on environmental conservation for Reached more than 200,000 farmers with messages and information on climate change, and 15,000 farmers on sustainable land use practices and agricultural skills through Tembea Radio programmes
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Economic and Social Rights

Through our human rights and good governance program, we have enhanced public awareness of health and environment rights for hundreds of community members in Siaya County.
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Building Partnerships

Though out our work, we have strengthened partnerships with government, local communities, development partners, private investors and other relevant stakeholders in our environmental conservation, capacity building and health work.
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Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.