Job Nyangoka Orina

Position: Programmes Coordinator

Mr. Nyangoka is the programmes coordinator in Tembea. He has a Bachelor of Science in Disaster Management and Sustainable Development from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. Job has trained and extensively worked on climate change, public finance management, public participation, democracy and governance, conflict mitigation, gender responsive budgeting and gender mainstreaming, policy formulation and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, designing and implementing livelihood options for communities, human rights issues, transitional justice issues, decentralized governance, e governance, HIV/AIDS and others. He was nominated as a Children and Youth Facilitator on Sustainable Development at the Tunza Youth Conference in Bandung Indonesia in 2011. He also represented Kenya and African youth at the 3rd African University on Youth and Development held at Sal, Cape Verde in 2011. Currently a facilitator on leadership and integrity/human rights and youths for USAID, IEA and Chemi Chemi ya Ukweli among others.