Our Mission

To enhance socio- economic capacity of communities through asset based community development, networking and collaboration so as to achieve self-reliance and sustainable livelihood and growth through health, environment conservation and poverty alleviation program at grass roots level.

Our Vision

Tembea “Envisions a community that respects human rights, promotes wholesome and equitable development of its male and female members whereas upholding environmental stewardship”

Our Slogan

Community Empowerment, Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

Goals and Objectives

  • To promote natural conservation, environmental stewardship and governance through research and capacity building on environmental governance and natural resources co-management.
  • To build the community resilience and adaptation capabilities to the impacts of climate change and climate extremes through community based disaster and risk reduction and management.
  • To enhance active citizenship and public participation through advocacy for human rights and good governance.
  • To champion knowledge and skills management and dissemination for sustainable development through the use of appropriate technologies.
  • To make information available and accessible to groups and individuals on appropriate technologies for sustainable development.

Tembea’s Programs

These programs are categorized into four main thrusts:

  • Climate Change Innovation and Education
  • Environment and Natural Resources Management
  • Economic and Social Rights

Tembea’s programs span the entire Siaya County and the neighbourhoods. The total area of the county is approximately 2,530 square kilometers, divided into 6 administrative Districts namely; Ugenya, Ugunja, Gem, Siaya, Rarieda, and Bondo.
Our entry points are community groups, local partners and government structures across the county.
Our interventions include applied research, conservation education, socio-economic empowerment through micro-finance and capacity building. Our organization enjoys both local and international as well as grassroots partnerships, which are crucial for synergistic results with greater impacts.

Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.