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Climate Education



Climate Education

Climate Education Project is an overarching activity that cuts across the different programs at Tembea. Activities therein strengthen the on-going environmental education initiatives in the region by Tembea, as well as to integrate comprehensive education component into the Tembea’s carbon offsetting project – Energy Efficient Cook stoves for Siaya Communities and Natural Resource Management Projects.

It involve participatory approaches to address missing gaps to effective climate education, theoretical background of climate change, development of educational materials – hinged on best practices to environmental/climate education. This is conducted to the school patrons, environmental club members in schools, communities and other stakeholders.

Climate Change Education through Participatory Education Theatre (PET) and Drama

This is a component of Climate Education program which is implemented in artistic (theatre) ways. We understand better that to make our actions more sound and effective, we need to involve practical activities too. Therefore in efforts to help address devastating environmental degradation manifested by human activities along river Nzoia River and related climate change issues and sustainability, Tembea conducts drama/plays that are based on climate education, natural resource management and sustainability themes to the Siaya communities. This is an activity that has been very effective in changing community interests into natural resource conservation and protection. The program is run in community centers, schools and hosted during community events.

On annual basis, the project supports a special category on climate change during the Provincial Drama and Music Competitions.

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