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Natural resources conservation



Community Savings and Loaning – CSL

CSL is a local capital mobilization – savings and loaning led microfinance that have the community at centre stage. The methodology has emerged as a powerful platform in rallying communities to undertake sustainable livelihoods, governance and natural resources management approaches. It plays two pronged roles; one, the methodology is a mobilization platform for capacity strengthening, cross learning, tapping on indigenous knowledge, awareness creation as the community members meet weekly. Two, S&L is critical in ensuring community’s contribution is sustained in development interventions. Thus, the methodology is embedded on all Tembea’s intervention as a firm foundation for sustainability of the programs beyond the life of our projects. Through this platform, participating community groups have initiated alternative livelihood options through joint venture such as indigenous poultry keeping, bee keeping, vegetation farming, and cereal farming among others. The methodology is therefore a strong intervention with great potentials in transforming communities whereas embracing environmentally sound sustainable livelihoods.

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