Nzoia,Siaya County


Natural resources conservation



Natural Resources Management Project for Livelihood Sustenance in the Mid-lower Nzoia River Basin

The project is based on the lessons learnt, milestones and experiences in the past project period. Therefore, Tembea sought to strengthen capacities of communities to effectively and efficiently address the underlying and emerging natural resource management challenges, whereas seizing emerging opportunities for sustained livelihood enhancement and self reliance.

The Nzoia River directly influences and affects the socio-economic livelihood of a large proportion of the local people, thus, continuous engagement of wider CSO network and line government ministries in advocating for sustainable Natural Resource Management (NRM). Intensification of co-management programme still remains crucial, bringing the community’s diverse cultural conservation experiences to complement the existing policies for environmental management and compliance amongst the community.

Lastly, working with schools to scale up activities of environmental clubs in schools in a bid to pilot integrated innovations for sustainable livelihoods, providing platforms for community learning and adoption

In order to realize these goals, the project’s aimed at addressing the following objectives:

To strengthen the capacities of community owned resource persons (CORP) on environment, climate change, planning and natural resource co-management approaches.

To enhance community mobilization, sensitization and training including uptake of community savings and loaning (CSL) methodology.

Strengthen and establish school based environment clubs to foster learning and awareness on sustainable livelihoods.

Facilitate cross learning and amongst communities and document best practices.

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